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Getting Ready For Your New Puppy

Get Ready!

When the time to take your puppy home is getting closer, you got to get ready for it. You need get your house puppy proved. First thing you need to do is to get down to ground level and see all that can be chew or eaten by the puppy.  

Puppy proving your house check list:
·    Small pets: Birds, hamsters and fish tanks
·     Houseplants, some of which are poisonous
·     Children's toys.
·     Office and school supplies.
·     Books, magazines, mail, newspapers.
·      Money, specially pennies.
·      Electrical cords or wires
·      Drawstrings from draperies or blinds.
·      Remote controls, VCR tapes, DVDs, CD's.
·      Knick-knacks, figurines, or collectibles
·      Firewood or debris from fireplaces.
·      Pillows, fabric arm covers, afghans or throws.
·      Throw rugs, bathmats.
·      Candles, potpourri, plug in air fresheners.
·      People food, candy dishes, food crumbs, bones
·      Puppy's food and treats (can overeat and get ill or bloat)
·       Alcoholic beverages.
·       Trash cans or bags.
·       Paper towels and napkins, clean or dirty.
·       Tissues or toilet paper, tooth paste and toothbrushes.
·       Bed and bath linens.
·       Clothing, gloves, hats, shoes, dirty laundry.
·       Jewelry, combs, hair ribbons or pins.
·       Medications, drugs, toiletries, cosmetics.
Basically, anything that you don't want to be chewed on, put it away until the puppy learns to be around with out chewing on everything.
Things You WILL need! 


We feed our puppies Purina Pro Plan Puppy - large breed formula. If you plan to change the food do it gradually. We can provide you with a little bit of food or you can get a small bag for the transition.          

2 medium metal or plastic. For adults you need the large ones. The ones that can't be flip over work best.  
12"-16" Nylon adjustable.   
Choke collar:
It is not necessary until training starts at 10 weeks. A size 14" or 16" should be good.   
Nylon 5-6' would do. You can match the collar.
Retractable leashes are good for long walks of already leash broken puppies. I don't recommend them for little puppies.    
Wire crate: 
36 inches for females, and 42 inches for males. Some of them bring a divider that helps a lot with the potty training process. For the crate floor, I recommend just something that is easy to wash, and that absorbs liquids good. Towels or a piece of carpet works best. Safe the fancy bed for latter when your puppy won't destroy it.
Lots of toys of different textures and sounds. Make sure all toys are always bigger than your puppy's head. Labradors are famous for swallowing first and then ask if it was eatable.....

There are also many kinds of chews. They are all good in general, but you need to make sure that as soon as the puppy can chew off a piece of it, you trough it away. This is specially true with Rawhide and Greenies. They are not digestible, and they can get stuck in the puppy's intestines. 

Nuvet Plus
Natural, Human Grade Daily Supplement

So pure, it is one of the few pet products manufactured in an FDA (human-grade) pharmaceutical manufacturing facility

No sugars or fillers

Money-Back Guarantee

NOTE: This product is Not available to the general public without an Order Code supplied by your Pet Professional.



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