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Reserve Your New Puppy
Our waiting lists form early!
  Purchase price of a puppy is $3,000



Please note: Submitting a puppy reservation form does NOT guantee a puppy of your choice.  We are dealing with mother nature and she does not always work with us. Very often not enough males or females, or color prefereces are produced in a given litter to fulfill a reservation.  In these cases we are very communitive and honest about the situation and will offer options that are available, or you can request a refund or be moved to a futur litter.  

It's Rambo Run's Policy to require a $50.00 retainer fee with your request to be on our waiting list. We do not sell puppies over the internet. This deposit helps let us know you're serious about a puppy and that you have researched and understand the responsibility of owning a new puppy. Your retainer is deducted from the total purchase price of $3,000.

If you have made a request to be added to our list, please click on the link to the right and you can pay your retainer via any major Credit Card. 

If we recieve a request without the retainer, we assume you will be contacting us for instructions of where to submit your check. 

NOTE: If you make a deposit on a Rambo Run puppy, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of our Guarantee & Purchase Contract (below), which we will sign together before you take your puppy home. Rambo Run Labradors reserves the right to reject a puppy reservation should we feel you do not fully understand the responsibility.

Puppy Pet/Companion: $3,000
Full Registration and Show Rights are to approved individuals only!

Remember - a quality puppy costs more to purchase, but what you receive in return is incredible!  You'll receive a healthy puppy from healthy parents raised in a healthy environment.  Spending less on a puppy could cost you in the long run!

All puppies come with Health Guarantee, AKC Registration, 3 generation pedigree, Micro Chip, 1st puppy shot series, de-worming of the pup at 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age, health certificate/release by our vet, and more.

Rambo Run Puppy Purchase Argeement

CONDITIONS OF SALE: A deposit will be made for the purchase of the above described puppy and will be applied to the full purchase price.  Full purchase price must be paid by or before date of delivery/pick-up of contracted puppy. If color or sex of choice is not available at date of delivery, the deposit may be refunded to the buyer, or applied to a future delivery.  If the buyer does not accept the puppy after reserving, it’s at the sellers discretion to offer a cash refund of deposit.

Health Guarantee: All puppies are sold warranted to be healthy. A current health certificate will be provided by the seller at time of delivery if the buyer desires to have the puppy re checked by their vet, it will be at the buyer’s expense.  Any health problems encountered should be promptly brought to the attention of the seller.  The seller will not be responsible for the veterinarian bills of any kind incurred by the buyer.  Seller is not responsible for any health problems due to carelessness or accidents after delivery date.

All puppies delivered have been carefully screened for genetic defects through multiple generations and testing.  If genetic defects are suspected the defect must be diagnosed and documented by a licensed veterinarian and verified by the breeder’s veterinarian.  This genetic examination and diagnosis must be completed before the second birthday of the puppy.  If said documented genetic defects are detected, the buyer has the option of refund of the purchase price, or replacement with a puppy from a current or future litter.  If the buyer decides to keep the pup, rather than returning him/her to seller, the buyer assumes all responsibility for any and all future medical care. 

I agree to that under any circumstances that prohibit me from caring for or owning this puppy, that it will be returned to Rambo Run Labradors and under NO circumstances is it to be given away or surrendered to the local animal shelter or humane society. I understand that No financial compensation will be made to me for any purchase costs or expenses of any kind should I choose to surrender the pup/dog back to Rambo Run Labradors.

All adult dogs (parents) are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  All puppies are sold with a LIMITED REGISTRATION, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon between the buyer and seller.